Workshop District Heating
Program November 22nd 2018
09.00 - Registration and coffee
09.30 - Welcome and opening workshop

Welcome by Katrina Sichel, moderator for the day

Karsten Vagn Nielsen, Ambassador of Denmark to Belgium

Professor Silvia Lenaerts, vice rector valorisation and development, University of Antwerp

09.55 - Europe and Denmark

European perspective: the clean energy package

Eloi Piel, Head of Policy & Affairs EHP (presentation)

DH in Denmark – a historic overview and a look into the future

Morten Jordt Duedahl, DBDH (presentation)

Smart energy system – how district heating matches into the overall system

Pernille Overbye, Ramboll (presentation)


10.50 - Coffee
11.10 - The strategic way forward – in Flanders and internationally

Transition towards district heating in Belgium: challenges, development and prospect

Tom Prinzie, Vice Chairman Warmtenetwerk Vlaanderen (presentation)

Why is district heating important for a more sustainable Flanders

Rutger Baeten, EnergyVille (presentation)

The Netherlands in a transition from gas to sustainable heat country – first experiences.

Bert den Ouden, Managing Director for Energy, Berenschot (presentation)

Heat and fuel sources of the future – solar, wind, geothermal, heat pumps, industry, storage

Pernille Overbye, Ramboll (presentation)


12.30 - Lunch
13.30 - Experiences from Denmark and an Innovation Cat Walk

Low temperature heat grids - conversion of existing grids and new construction. 
Case from Denmark - Motivation, arguments, obstacles.

Morten Jordt Duedahl, DBDH (presentation)

Conversion from Gas to District Heating

Johan Sølvhøj Heinesen, Head of Operation and Projects, Gentofte Gladsaxe Fjernvarme (presentation)

Experiences of a heating company in Denmark – Going from high temperature to low temperature

Johan Sølvhøj Heinesen, Head of Operation and Projects, Gentofte Gladsaxe Fjernvarme (presentation)


“Flanders / Danish DH Innovation Cat Walk” – short presentation from the participating companies

Presentation Kelvin Solutions

Presentation Sweco

Presentation Comsof

Presentation Hysopt

Presentation Condugo

Presentation ABB

Presentation ZeroFriction

Presentation Ramboll

Presentation Aalborg Energie Techniek

Presentation Grundfos

Presentation Eurowater

Presentation Drone

15.15 - Coffee
15.45 - DH in Antwerp

Conversion City of Antwerp to a CO2 neutral city in 2050.

Koen Enkels, City of Antwerp (presentation)

How does Fluvius contribute to a climate-neutral city? Strategy and practical examples Antwerp South and Blue Gate.

Dominique Dousselaere, Responsible Operations District Heating, Fluvius (presentation)

Practical examples in Antwerp: ISVAG and Indaver

Kristel Moulaert, Managing Director ISVAG (presentation)

Jan-Kees de Voogd, project manager Ecluse Indaver (presentation)

Cases EnergyVille (technical approach - heating substation testing)

Jad Al Koussa, Energyville (presentation)


17.00 - Wrap-up Q&A session
17.15 - Closing remarks

Philip Heylen, Chairman ISVAG

17.20 - Network reception