Workshop District Heating

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Welcome at the District Heating workshop

Heating is responsible for approximately 50% of total final energy consumption in Europe. District heating systems provide heating for a wide range of customers, from residential building to commercial, public and industrial customers. Meanwhile, there are thousands of district heating systems in Europe, currently supplying more than 10% of total European heat demands. The benefits of district heating and district cooling are most apparent in areas with high density energy demands, like Flanders…

Denmark has accumulated know-how through more than 100 years of experience in district heating systems, ranging from energy planning, renewable energy and surplus energy, which results in today´s most efficient combined heat and power technology. DBDH’s mission is to promote district energy for a sustainable city transformation internationally. DBDH wishes to share this experience worldwide as well as serving the interest of the industry at a local level.

In March 2017, ISVAG and DBDH have signed a letter of intent, wishing to effectively create a framework with a view to the exchange of knowledge and information. More specifically, the aim is to organise meetings and workshops both in Denmark and Flanders. In this way, parties will gain insight about the development of district heating networks and the role that waste to energy plants can play in this.

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