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Welcome to the FOURTH workshop on district heating in Antwerp

Heat represents around 50% of the total energy consumption in Europe. A large number of customers, from private homes to commercial, public and industrial customers, are now connected to a heat network. Thousands of district heating systems in Europe currently provide more than 10% of the total European heat demand. Recent geopolitical developments have made it clear that we must commit to all possible solutions that contribute to our energy independence.

Denmark has been working with district heating for more than 100 years, resulting in a great deal of know-how. In The Netherlands, that wants to get rid of gas as much as possible the coming decade, district heating is ramping up as one of the main possibilities to provide sustainable heating to citizens and companies. But Flanders is also ambitious, although we are only at the beginning here. In a number of Flemish cities, including Antwerp, an urban heat network is no longer a dream for the future, but a concrete project.

In March 2017, ISVAG and the Danish Board for District Heating (DBDH) signed a declaration of intent to exchange knowledge and information. In November 2018, December 2019 and June 2022, we organized three successful editions of the "District Heating Workshop" in Antwerp together with EnergyVille, Warmtenetwerk Vlaanderen, Interafval (VVSG) and the Province and POM Antwerp and with the support of various companies and organizations from the sector. Supported by the positive feedback from the more than 200 participants, we would like to invite you to the FOURTH INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON DISTRICT HEATING, on Tuesday 28 November 2023 in the Provincial House in Antwerp.

With top speakers from the Netherlands, Denmark, and Belgium, we managed to put together an even broader and interesting program. On June 2nd, together with experts from different areas - technical, legal, financial, communication... - we will produce a state of affairs of heating networks in Flanders, we will study the stumbling blocks and opportunities and discuss concrete plans or ambitious dreams and learn from best practices from our district heating neighbouring countries Denmark and The Netherland. In between presentations, we provide sufficient time for networking. Numerous companies from home and abroad introduce themselves at a real district heating market square, which you can visit during coffee and lunch breaks. The detailed program with all speakers can be found here.

For whom?
This free workshop is intended for everyone who is involved in heating networks from far or near in Belgium and abroad, both from the public and private sector.

As a bonus: technical visits on November 29th
To demonstrate that heat networks are now much more than vague plans, we organize technical visits to concrete projects on November 29. This year we will visit Heat Network Antwerp North and take a look at Teblick, a company that is connected to the ISVAG wartenet. These visits are also free. You can find the program here.

If you want to register for the workshop on 28 November and / or for the technical visits on 29 November, fill in the registration form below. Already registered? Great, then we will see each other in Antwerp. Discover the full program and be sure to read through the practical information.

Partners This fourth edition of the Heat Workshop is a partnership between ISVAG, DBDH, EnergyVille, Warmtenetwerk Vlaanderen, Interafval (VVSG) and the Province and POM of Antwerp.

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